Bold Pathfinding Women of Africa (BPaWA) summit brings together women of various backgrounds in Africa, for the purpose of amplifying their voices and being heard in our somewhat patriarchal society. BPaWA, is a program set to change the narrative of women having to shine less than their male contemporaries. Also, the issue of gender equity in the African context is made to be the precedence for the whole movement because, we believe that, when women are empowered, the benefits are perceived by the whole community.

This event will also target younger women to empower them to become leaders in their different individual spheres of influence. With the right knowledge about equity and equality as it relates to gender roles, young women are able to thrive with the uniqueness of their African heritage anywhere in the world.

Why it is important

This event is a unique opportunity to highlight the core contributions of women in social justice and gender equity, engage more young people to talk about the future of gender equality in Africa, and build generational capacities for equity, as well as celebrate women of Africa who have stood out. 

Our Summit Goal

To amplify the voices of the Women of Africa, celebrate their successes towards accelerating equality, leadership, and opportunities for women and girls as part of the generation equality movement and commitment.

Our Target Audience

Officials from Country Government Parastatals, Traditional Leaders, Representatives from international agencies, Representatives of Youths in Diaspora, Civil Society Organizations, philanthropic organizations, financial institutions, Women-Led Organizations.