Speaking at the Game Changers summit in Westminster was a profound personal experience for me. During Ginger Communications Leader’s Voice Cohort 5 (LV5) journey, the fabulous women who travelled with me, as well as a stellar team of facilitators (Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, Robin Bayley, Dr. Helen Thompson-Whiteside and Nicky Moran) helped me transform my previously unformed ideas about the relationship between “me/I” (Power) and “we” (Community) into an unobstructed vision that connects to humanity (Purposeful Leadership). And to finally share my vision of Ubuntu with an incredible audience of over one hundred game changing women in London’s Westminster was nothing short of magical

Ubuntu is an African philosophy with deep roots in our collective humanity. Along with other age long African concepts on community and leadership e.g., Omoluabi, it has many nuances and encompasses the interdependence of all humans on one another: we belong to each other and exist in relation to each other. The pursuit of “I” or “me” should not be in competition with the “we” and conversely, the “we” cannot exist without an appreciation of the unique contribution, and power that each individual “I” makes. Ubuntu ‘I am because we are.’

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