Bold On Purpose

The inspiration, motivation and insight into the BPaWA framework. 

bold on purpose

The dominant circumstances of Dr. Boluwatife Oluwafunmilola Lola Dare’s (BOL-D) life led her on a journey to becoming her authentic self and unashamedly drawing attention to the voices of other authentic black women and women of Africa. Enabling persons with muffled voices to reclaim their authenticity, regardless of the hurdles in their path, has become Lola’s overriding purpose.

Lola was born into an upper-class familyin Lagos, Nigeria, 60 years ago. The providence of her birth provided to her the opportunity of education and nurture, including the privilege of love and devotion that characterized many middle-class African families of that era. But all that peace was shattered in her mid-teens, exposing her to unexpected shocks and uncertainties.

“Bold on Purpose” highlights how Lola navigated obstacles despite contrary forces, demonstrating her inextinguishable faith in a purpose ordered life and encouraging the reader to deliberately choose resilience and purpose in their life’s journey, especially through these uncertain times.

Without question, the search for the authentic voice of women across black and ethnic origins is one of the most important searches today. The glaring inequity within inequity, inherent in this space, has made this search more imperative. While there is already a global inequity against women, black women and women of African origins are much more disadvantaged. Lola hopes that her story will help ensure that the authentic voice of black women and women of Africa is not only heard but also amplified and owned.

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