Our Principles

Our Principles At BPaWA

BPaWA believes that effective advocacy necessitates a partnership strategy to achieve greater impact and gender-transformative change, which typically entails coordinated activities at many levels, across sectors, and across time. We also believe that collective action can improve the effectiveness of advocacy requests and influence policies, programs, and practices, which is why our Strategic Framework emphasizes collective action. Our Partnership Principles represent how BPaWA, a subsidiary of Chestrad Global, collaborates with others to foster women empowerment and gender equality.

Understanding and Acknowledging Our Privilege and Power as An Organization
• Take time to reflect as an organization on how power dynamics may negatively impact our partnerships and work
• Identify ways to use our position to dismantle oppressive systems and practices
• Recognize when it may be appropriate to withdraw from a partnership or opportunity to make room for others