Summit Team 2021

Our team brings together people with a wealth of experience from different backgrounds, passionate about amplifying the voices of women and being heard

Summit Chair & Co-Chairs 2021

Dr. (Mrs) Ajumobi

BPaWA Summit Chair

Dr. Mosunmola Bello

1st Co-Chair

Senator Daisy Danjuma

2nd Co-Chair
summit team 2021

Steering Committee 2021

A small team of coordinated professionals in their chosen fields driving the action against gender discrimination.

BPaWA Bloomers 2021

A connection of young passionate advocates with resources to amplify and influence the voices of young African people on a larger scale.

Secretariat 2021

Our passionate team who work tirelessly to ensure our daily operations are in line with driving the goals and vision of Bpawa.

Steering Committee 2021

Edirin Adeyemi

Advocacy Specialist Global Affairs
Pathfinder International

Crystal Lander

Executive Director
Global Affairs

Dr. Juliet Tuakli

CEO/Chief Medical Officer
CHILD, Accra

Yemisi Jenkins

British-Nigerian Law Enforcement
British-Nigerian Safeguarding Consortium

Dr. Lola Dare

Chestrad Global

Robinson Udi

Chief Strotyteller

Bolajoko Abebe

CEO, Cephil Drinks

Princess Ronke Ademiluyi

Founder, African Fashion Week

Adeola Azeez

Board Executive, Sigma Risk, West Africa Representative

Dr. Joan Ewetuya

Executive Director, Merck

Secretariat Team 2021

Heritage Oni

Programs Manager

Yemisi Ajayi

Executive Assistant

Philomena Ughe

Operations &
Business Management

Tayo Raimi

Facility Manager

Bpawa Bloomers 2021

Heritage Oni

Program Manager
Chestrad Global

Nina Mbah

Youth Council of Global Business

Katia Amado

Project Director
Pathfinder International

Benjamin Fredrick

Health & Education Equity Advocate
Marginalized Population for The USA & Tanzania

Shalyn Stanley

Next Gen Engagement Officer
Pathfinder International

Nana Esi Bray

Personal Assistant
Family Child & Association

Toyosi Aromiredi

T.O.K Events

Where women lead, positive impact follow

We have continued to advocate for Gender equity and equality (Amplifying the voices of young people), through various channels using our capacity and network to achieve our desired aim in Africa, and in the World at Large.