Bold Pathfinding Women of Africa
Where women lead, positive impact follows.
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Advocacy For Women
A leading global advocate that champion gender equity
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Where women lead, positive impact follows.

Bold Pathfinding Women of Africa (BPaWA) is a global platform that brings together various organisations for the purpose of celebrating and amplifying the voice of Women of Africa. We encourage dedication to gender equity, and we use knowledge to bring together different voices.

BPaWA Bloomers

BPaWA bloomers are a connection of young passionate advocates with resources to amplify and influence the voices of young African people on a larger scale.

Where women lead, positive impact follows.

BPaWA presents an opportunity for motivated changemakers to immerse themselves in a community of Women of Africa, working side by side with local leaders to tackle the most pressing challenges of our generation in respect to Gender Equity, Positive Feminism, and embracing the African culture.

Explore Our Areas of Expertise

BPaWA engulfs the African women’s culture, strength, belief, boldness, and empowerment. Women have been sidelined in several areas of human endeavours either through patriarchy or cultural beliefs. Nonetheless, African women have distinguished themselves from other women all over the world. 

Dr Amina Dorayi Public Health Professional

BPaWA has enabled us to discuss long term changes and solutions for the bounce back initiatives to be made available for women of Africa, post COVID.

Deaconess (Mrs) Mojisola Fagbulu CAC Odo Iye Zonal Parish
Ilesha, Osun state

The women in the communities have hope for a better future post Covid

Nana Esi Bray

Because of advocacy platforms like BPaWA, women now have more chances to speak up and lead without the fear of being marginalised in society.

Dr Ajanaku

BPaWA women are unique and we embrace our individuality regardless of circumstances.

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